Are you looking to enjoy the adventure in a Japanese high school? One of the most immense mystery and horror games is Tag After School. It will automatically keep you completely off on the edge of your seat. You have the better option to easily Step into the shoes of Shota-Kun, who navigates through the school and encounters the eerie ghosts. Shota-Kun would be facing more terrifying challenges in the school and solve everything. Downloading the modgila tag after school is a great option for exploring the halls of eerie institutions. This is one of the most amazing, thrilling horror mystery games that gives you the most immersive experience.

    Great Storyline:

    Tag After School is a game that lets you easily follow the life of Shota-Kun. He was a fearful young boy who attended a school which has been rumored to be haunted. Shota-Kun is challenged to go on a longer journey in the spooky school. Shota-Kun encounters many ominous creatures, so he must use his wits to avoid them. Ghosts in the game are also hell-bent on stopping the Shota-Kun from reaching his destination. Playing the game would be quite interesting and let the players easily gain bravery and courage to complete the mission. Tag After School incorporates the academic cycle, so you have the better option for making your own choices in the game for determining the end.

    Features Of Tag After School Download:

    Are you looking to download the Tag After School? Be prepared for the thrilling journey, which will be taking the in-depth way of facing your fear. Play to find out whether you survive unscathed or even succumb to the horrors lurking in shadow.

    • Stunning Graphics – Tag After School game features with most amazing eye-catching cinematic graphics. These would be immersing you in a fearful atmosphere. The animation used in the game is completely incredibly designed.
    • Indirect Progression System – You would not be involved with actual actions for making progress in the game. Your choices and actions also influence the outcome of the storyline. The clicker element would be extensively making the game incredibly immersive.
    • Quick Navigational Controls – Tag After School game features the best user-friendly interface, so these would be efficient, making the game simple to navigate. You can easily swipe across or even tap the screen to avoid enemies. These also let to search for clues and even use tools such as a torch/flashlight.

    System Requirements:

    Genius Studio Japan Inc. states to use a high-speed and stable internet connection to play the game. Tag After School game was designed to work with Android 5.0+.

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