Love & Hip Hop stars Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap’s lovely child Khari Barbie. Masika Kalysha, a celebrity from reality television, is Khari Barbie Maxwell’s mother. Due to the enormous fame of her parents, Maxwell was a big topic on the internet right after Khari Barbie was born.

    Khari Barbie : Siblings

    Khari does not have a biological brother or sister, but she does have six. Though Khari Barbie Maxwell is the sole child of her father and mother, Masika Kalysha, had together, Khari Barbie Maxwell also has six half-brothers & half-sisters. Ariel Reese, her father’s childhood lover, gave birth to Aydin Zoovier, who is her father’s first kid, in 2011. Zaviera was born in 2015, while Amani, Khari Barbie Maxwell’s half-sister, was born to Elaynna Parker in 2016. Together with his former girlfriend Alexis Skyy, Alaiya was born in 2018. Additionally, Lauren, a daughter of Turquoise Miami and raised by her father, has since passed away.

    Khari Barbie : Parents Relationship

    Masika, an actress, & Fetty Wap, a rapper, were partners. When the former couple delivered a child on the 29th of March 2016, the couple, Masika and Fetty came out publicly after first holding their personal affairs out of the public eye. Masika and Fetty are no longer together as they are both currently preoccupied with their different fields. A well-known rapper named Fetty wed model Leandra Gonzalez in September 2019. Yet, Masika and Fetty were unsuccessful in keeping up their marriage, and they split in 2020. Masika, on the other hand, owns a number of businesses that contribute to her solid financial success. In 2016, Masika introduced Khari Barbie Beauty on December 17. Masika’s daughter’s name served as the inspiration for the brand name of her beauty line.

    Khari Barbie: Career

    Khari Barbie is only 6 years old and does not yet have a job, although her dad is a widely recognized rapper. Khari Barbie devotes a greater amount of time with her loved ones and concentrates more on her schoolwork. Khari is a model for Khari Barbie Beauty, a company her mother established in her name. On the social media accounts of the cosmetics brand, Khari Barbie may be seen in various photographs.

    Khari Barbie: Physical Appearance

    Khari has extraordinarily beautiful green eyes. When Khari Barbie was born, she weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce. Khari now has dark skin, black curly hair, and. Khari Barbie is in a growth phase, therefore her bodily metrics, including her height, weight, body composition ratio, & furthermore, fluctuate all the time.

    Khari Barbie: Net Worth

    The child of Fetty Wap & Masika, Khari Barbie is thought to be worth 100,000 dollars. Due to Khari Barbie’s status as a famous child, her net worth has increased.


    • Los Angeles, California, is the birthplace of Khari Barbie.
    • Aries is Khari Barbie’s astrological sign.
    • Khari Barbie’s parents were a couple on a television show called Love & Hip Hop Hollywood prior to when she was born in 2016.
    • Khari Barbie’s older half siblings, Zaviera and Aydin, ian rumsey are her elder half siblings.

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