What makes Amogh Lila Prabhu voice of youth?

    Amogh Lila Dass is indeed a voice of youth in the eyes of millions of people in India as seen on social media and universities about his name and fame. This does tell the rise of Indian people taking Sanatana Dharma seriously. While other gurus have different ways preaching about the name of the God,  Amogh Lila Prabhu does it in a manner it makes things funny, beautiful and personal. This does show the class of Amogh Lila and amount of work he is doing to make youth follow right path where they respect women, nation and religion.

    This does show a lot how a religious leader can become motivational leader and teach the name and text of God in a different manner. As the current Indian generation is influenced by western culture, this would fair to say that Amogh Lila has done a great job to uplift the spirit of people and make them feel how good Sanatana Dharma is.

    Many people do say that post-Independence, it too hard for India to come out of the bubble of western culture. And it has helped even the world to know the art of yoga and other beautiful things coming out of Sanatana Dharma. This does show a lot about Amogh Lila and the impact he has made for taking things ahead where youth can respect women.

    In India, there has been many cases of rapes but with Amogh Lila and other religious leaders teaching the values to young generation, it has made a massive boost in uplighting the knowledge of Amogh Lila.

    ISKON is one such organization that has done more good than any other in terms of teaching Indian about their good history. They have even made many things cleared to the world they did not know. This does show the class about  ISKON and how they have helped many Amogh Lila and many other players to show the attraction of Lord Krishna and other forms of God.

    As he can speak in Hindi and English, this does create an outlook that makes things fantastic and creative at the same time. This is what shows the creative touch that makes ISKON a great platform to teach young generation and there are millions of LIVE examples in India who have become better with the help of ISKON and sages like Amogh Lila.

    The best part is he is so down to earth and does give time to general people and help things move well. It is what makes a look that shows Amogh Lila is a great sage in the eyes of many. But many do say that sometimes he does say something that others might not like. It does happen because he does not afraid of speaking what he feels is right unlike many others gurus. This is what one can hail and love about Amogh Lila and the impact he has made to move things forward and create a look which can make India leading things ahead in the very best way.

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